Testimonials and Reviews

"Good morning my dear friend. Man you are really a genius. All your wonderful tips have been working out for me. Am so glad to have ever known you. Thanks man. Am grateful!!!!" 

~ Henry

"I have been reading all the emails you have sent me and everything is going well.
I have lowered carbs by far and I am eating more protein, I have stopped all soft drinks and I am only drinking water. I have been doing this type of diet for about 2 months and I have lost 10 kg.  I really appreciate your help and I am looking forward for better results."


~ Mohamed

"PLEASE do more vids. You have actually helped me loose about 15 pounds! (:"

~ Sean

"Evan , Thank you so much for This program !! I don’t think I’ll need any more info concerning my Abs...I am  83 & don’t think I want to work that hard ... But I will use your program to get my weight down ...My Daughter in law was over & read your program & said she would like to try it !! I made her a copy !!
Again, THANK  YOU SO MUCH ... (   I HAVE LOST 5 lbs  )"

~ Dale

"Thank you so much Evan you are so helpful and all the information is and is also motivating.

Thank you once again"

~ Dorcas