Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Best Way To Lose Belly Fat Permanently

Are you tired of endless crunches and starving yourself in an attempt to see your abs?

Do you wonder why you can’t get rid of your stubborn belly fat?

Luckily you came to the right place.  Here you will find weekly updates on the best ways to lose belly fat from first hand experience, trials and errors.  My name is Evan Hoeflich and I have helped numerous people go from flabby belly fat to rock hard abs.  The best part about getting rid of belly fat is that it isn’t difficult once you have the right knowledge.

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So what is the #1 secret to losing belly fat and getting six pack abs you might ask.  Many people will beat around the bush but the answer is quite simple…Here it is.  Getting rid of belly fat and getting six pack abs is 80% Diet and 20% Exercise.  Too many people have this equation the opposite way around and wonder why they do not see results.  They believe that exercising is the best way to lose belly fat when that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  

Before you start doing any exercise whatsoever you must clean up your diet and focus on eating healthy foods.  This is the ultimate best way to lose belly fat.  Once you change to a lean diet you can then start exercising to maximize your results.  So here are a few tips on what types of foods to eat and how you can shed that body fat starting today!

Step 1:

First cut out all of the junk food from your diet period.  This means no more potato chips, sour patch kids, milky ways, ice cream, fast food etc…This will be hard at first but you will thank me later. 

Step 2:

      One of the most important and best ways to lose belly fat is by drinking only water.  You wouldn’t believe how many empty calories are in certain drinks like sodas, iced teas, lemonades and even fruit juices.  Just by doing this step alone you will start seeing results. 

Step 3:

      Cut back on the amount of carbohydrates you eat throughout day.  Most importantly DO NOT eat any carbs after 6 PM at night.  In doing so the food will sit in your stomach while you sleep and add to that stubborn belly fat making it even harder to get rid of.  Instead you want to try and eat higher amounts of lean protein like chicken breast, tuna, eggs, almonds etc. throughout the day.  (Every 4-5 days re-incorporate carbs back into your diet to energize your body for the next cycle)

There you have it, next we will get into the type of exercises you need to do to compliment your diet.  This is the best way to lose belly fat and myself and many others are a prime example of this method.  Please stay tuned for weekly tips, tricks and techniques for annihilating your belly fat. 

Use the tips I gave you get one step closer to losing that unwanted belly fat…
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How To Lose Belly Fat By Exercising

Okay so now that we have gotten our diet down, it is time to focus on our exercise routine.  Unfortunately, people are doing the wrong exercises and wonder how to lose belly fat the right way.  I am going to give you 8 killer exercises that you can start doing today to tone up that belly and finally start seeing some abs.  Here is a list of my top recommend exercises for losing belly fat in no particular order with videos attached to a few of them:

Mountain climbers:  These are by far one of the best ways to lose belly fat.  How to lose belly fat with mountain climbers: Get in a push-up like position and hold that plank, bring one knee at a time up to the chest, while that knee is coming down raise you opposite knee to you chest (alternating legs), keep the core tight and do 30-60 second sets.  Trust me you will feel the burn!


Jump Rope:  How to lose belly fat with jump roping: This is pretty self explanatory but also an incredible workout for getting rid of belly fat.  If you get bored with the regular jump rope techniques try doing wide jumps, back and forth and up and down.

High Knees: How to lose belly fat with high knees: This is a great workout in order to get rid of love handles while setting you up for six-pack success.  This is almost like you are sprinting in place…while being stationary bring one knee up to the stomach/chest level, when that leg goes down bring the other one up….Keep alternating legs at a fast running pace.  

Leg Lifts:  How to lose stomach fat with leg lifts: These are like crunches on steroids except they work in getting rid of belly fat, unlike regular crunches.  Get in a crunch like position but instead of raising the back raise the legs 24 inches off the ground and bring them back down (that’s 1) Do anywhere from 20 to 50 of these depending on your level. 

Planks:  How to lose stomach fat with planks: This is one of the best ways to lose belly fat but also outline your six-pack.  Get into a push-up position but make sure your elbows are resting parallel on the ground.  Keep your back straight and hold that plank for 30-60 seconds to start.  You can work your way up when you feel your are ready.   

Flutter kicks:  How to lose belly fat with flutter kicks: This is a killer way to lose belly fat and work your lower abs.  Lay flat on your back while raining your legs 6-10 inches off the ground.  Flutter you legs up and down for 30-6- seconds…These will absolutely burn but will be great for that six-pack

Push-ups:  How to lose stomach fat with push-ups: Push-ups seem like a boring workout but are one of the best ways to get lean and ripped.  If you can’t do regular pushups start by doing knee push-ups.  Either way will help you lose belly fat. 

Sprints: How to lose belly fat with sprints: Last but certainly not least, depending if you joints are healthy enough one of the best ways to get rid of belly fat is by doing sprints.  Start where you feel comfortable but eventually try to work your way up to 100 yard sprints.  When you look at Olympic sprinters they are always ripped, it is because this exercise works! 

There you have 8 killer exercises for losing belly fat and toning up.  The combination of a good diet and these exercises will get you ripped in no time.  Take the time to learn these exercises until you are comfortable with every single one.  I have more tips and tricks for you next week so stay tuned.  Keep working hard guys and I’ll talk to you soon!

Evan Hoeflich

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Getting Rid Of Belly Fat Fast- Carbohydrates and Paleo?

When getting rid of belly fat I can’t stress enough the importance of cutting back your carbohydrate intake.  This is absolutely crucial if you want to see a six-pack in the near future.  If you research “Paleo” diets on Google you will find all kinds of information telling you that certain carbohydrates are some of the worst foods for you and the absolute worst foods when it comes to getting rid of belly fat.  The truth is that they are absolutely RIGHT!  In fact, until I actually read the Paleo Program that I am about to reveal to you, I was completely clueless and had no idea how to get a six-pack but more importantly live a healthy life.  This not only helped me tone up my entire body but it changed my life both physically and mentally.  Before I go into any more detail please check out the book for yourself here:  http://budurl.com/PaleoNoCarb

What is a Paleo diet and how will it help me to get rid of belly fat?  Paleo in short basically means “What cavemen ate, before there was any processed foods that are harmful to your body”.  What did cavemen eat and how can this help me get rid of belly fat and live a healthy life?  Drumroll please!  Cavemen ate Protein, Nuts, Fruits, Vegetables and drank ONLY Water.  In order to get rid of belly fat you must eat like a caveman back when there was no such thing as junk food, bread, candy, iced tea, soda and milkshakes.  You must eat clean and you must be smart. 

Carbohydrates are exactly why you have that stubborn belly fat you see when you look down today.  In order to get rid of belly fat and love handles you MUST cut the carbs out of your diet and especially at night.  Now obviously some foods naturally have some carbs in them like vegetables, but those are carbs that you can get away with.  You need to stay as far away from the bread, potatoes, cookies, doughnuts and bagels as possible.  I know some of you are thinking “WHAT! This is crazy talk, I’m not doing this!”.  If you are not committed leave now because I only want people who are ready to succeed and are determined to get rid of belly fat.  Those are the people I need on my team and am trying to help.  This Paleo program is for the dedicated people who truly want to change their body and more importantly their life.  Getting rid of belly fat doesn’t have to be hard when you have the right knowledge and I am spoon feeding it to you.  But it is up to you to take action.  Please do yourself a favor and check out this Paleo Program and get your life in order starting today: http://budurl.com/PaleoNoCarb

Keep working hard guys and I’ll talk to you soon!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How To Lose Stomach Fat [Quick Tip #12] How To Lose Belly Fat Stay Away From White And Wheat Bread

Here is one important tips for losing belly fat and toning up.  Stay away from wheat and white bread.  You need to trust me on this one.  These breads can actually increase the fat storage in your body.  Basically meaning that if you eat too much white or wheat bread you will become bloated overtime and mainly in the stomach area.  Really the only breads that are okay to eat in terms of staying slim are whole grain breads.  And remember that wheat and white bread will only prolong your ling-term fat loss goals.  

 Many people think that wheat bread is actually good for you and your body.  The truth is that wheat bread is the worst bread you can eat if you’re trying to lose belly fat.  If you’re wondering how to lose stomach fat, one of the first things I would tell you is to not eat wheat or white bread.  These carbohydrates will go right to the belly area and make it almost impossible to lose weight.  Once you cut wheat and white bread out of your diet you will begin to lose belly fat at a much quicker and easier pace.  The only bread I would recommend for losing stomach fat would be whole grain bread.  This is the only bread that will help you actually stay slim and tone up.  Other than that, stay away from bread as much as you can in order to lose belly fat and get six pack abs.  

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How To Lose Weight Naturally- Without Diet Pills!

The rare times I watch T.V. I always see advertisements for the newest, latest, greatest diet pill...And every single time I cringe in my seat!  These commercials "claim" that this is the easiest and best way to lose weight in 2014 and the years to come.  I couldn't disagree more with their ridiculous claims because diet pills are absolutely not the healthier way to lose weight, belly fat and get ripped.  The best way to lose belly fat and get six pack abs is by eating REAL natural food!  Too many people are looking for shortcuts and go with these diet pills thinking that they will see these incredible results...Most are very disappointed by taking diet pills and for good reason.

Way back when there were cavemen that used to live on this earth before civilization really expanded.  And guess what NONE of them were over weight and had belly fat...Why is that?  Because they ate foods that only came from "Mother Earth" since that's all there was.  Eat the right foods like vegetables, chicken breast, fish and drink water and you will not be overweight.  It is the processed foods that are really hurting us as human beings.  Now there are companies that are making diet pills for weight loss...Give me a break!  Eat natural, drink water and get enough exercise and you will be in great shape!

Evan Hoeflich  

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Weight Loss Tip- Having A Vision


So by this point you should have a clear idea as to why you want to lose belly fat and change your physical appearance...Your reasons might be to live an overall healthier life, to get that "beach body" you've always wanted, to impress the person you have a crush on, to show your family a new and improved you, or to prove to yourself that you can tone up and look great...  

Whatever the reason is write it down on a piece of paper where you can see it every day.

This way every day that you see this, it will give you an extra "push" to accomplish your fitness goals.''

I know from personal experience when I write everything down that I want to accomplish, it makes my vision much more clear and attainable than if I let it just sit in my head...

When it comes to getting rid of belly fat you need to have a clear and concise goal of why you want to change yourself for the better.  Losing weight really comes down to the mental side of things before actually psychically doing the work.  Keeping your mind strong and clear from distractions is one of the most important things when it comes to losing belly fat fast.  Do yourself a favor and have a clear goal as to why you are looking to change your body and life in general.  This will make you strive that much further to reach your goals.

Evan Hoeflich

Monday, April 7, 2014

How To Lose Stomach Fat [Quick Tip #10] How To Lose Belly Fat Fast With Push Ups

Believe it or not push-ups are an excellent workout for six pack abs and losing belly fat.  Assuming you're eating the right diet, you can see some awesome results by doing 2-3 sets of pushups every other day.  If you're new to exercising and push-ups seem too difficult at first, start by doing "knee" push-ups and eventually work your way up to regular push-ups.  The important part is that you keep your core (stomach area) tight when you are performing this exercise for the best results.  Push-ups are a very underrated exercise for losing belly fat and toning up.  The reason why push-ups work so well is because they do not just workout your abs but they workout your entire body.  This is key to getting rid of belly fat and fast.

How to lose stomach fat with push-ups?  Push-ups seem like a boring workout but are one of the best ways to get lean and ripped.  If you can't do regular pushups start by doing knee push-ups.  Either way will help you lose belly fat. There are many other exercises you can do other than push-ups but this is a great starting exercising for losing belly fat.  With the right diet push-ups can be a very effective exercise for getting six pack abs...As I tell everyone that I help lose stomach fat...keep things as simple as possible for the best results.  You will lose belly fat if you keep striving for it.   Stay strong and stay motivated!  Check out my youtube video on how to lose stomach fat by doing push-ups...and please subscribe:


Evan Hoeflich