Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How To Lose Belly Fat By Exercising

Okay so now that we have gotten our diet down, it is time to focus on our exercise routine.  Unfortunately, people are doing the wrong exercises and wonder how to lose belly fat the right way.  I am going to give you 8 killer exercises that you can start doing today to tone up that belly and finally start seeing some abs.  Here is a list of my top recommend exercises for losing belly fat in no particular order with videos attached to a few of them:

Mountain climbers:  These are by far one of the best ways to lose belly fat.  How to lose belly fat with mountain climbers: Get in a push-up like position and hold that plank, bring one knee at a time up to the chest, while that knee is coming down raise you opposite knee to you chest (alternating legs), keep the core tight and do 30-60 second sets.  Trust me you will feel the burn!


Jump Rope:  How to lose belly fat with jump roping: This is pretty self explanatory but also an incredible workout for getting rid of belly fat.  If you get bored with the regular jump rope techniques try doing wide jumps, back and forth and up and down.

High Knees: How to lose belly fat with high knees: This is a great workout in order to get rid of love handles while setting you up for six-pack success.  This is almost like you are sprinting in place…while being stationary bring one knee up to the stomach/chest level, when that leg goes down bring the other one up….Keep alternating legs at a fast running pace.  

Leg Lifts:  How to lose stomach fat with leg lifts: These are like crunches on steroids except they work in getting rid of belly fat, unlike regular crunches.  Get in a crunch like position but instead of raising the back raise the legs 24 inches off the ground and bring them back down (that’s 1) Do anywhere from 20 to 50 of these depending on your level. 

Planks:  How to lose stomach fat with planks: This is one of the best ways to lose belly fat but also outline your six-pack.  Get into a push-up position but make sure your elbows are resting parallel on the ground.  Keep your back straight and hold that plank for 30-60 seconds to start.  You can work your way up when you feel your are ready.   

Flutter kicks:  How to lose belly fat with flutter kicks: This is a killer way to lose belly fat and work your lower abs.  Lay flat on your back while raining your legs 6-10 inches off the ground.  Flutter you legs up and down for 30-6- seconds…These will absolutely burn but will be great for that six-pack

Push-ups:  How to lose stomach fat with push-ups: Push-ups seem like a boring workout but are one of the best ways to get lean and ripped.  If you can’t do regular pushups start by doing knee push-ups.  Either way will help you lose belly fat. 

Sprints: How to lose belly fat with sprints: Last but certainly not least, depending if you joints are healthy enough one of the best ways to get rid of belly fat is by doing sprints.  Start where you feel comfortable but eventually try to work your way up to 100 yard sprints.  When you look at Olympic sprinters they are always ripped, it is because this exercise works! 

There you have 8 killer exercises for losing belly fat and toning up.  The combination of a good diet and these exercises will get you ripped in no time.  Take the time to learn these exercises until you are comfortable with every single one.  I have more tips and tricks for you next week so stay tuned.  Keep working hard guys and I’ll talk to you soon!

Evan Hoeflich