Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How To Lose Stomach Fat [Quick Tip #1] How To Lose Belly Fat With Green Tea

Quick Tip #1-

You might be thinking to yourself “How is it possible to lose stomach fat by drinking green tea”.  Drinking green tea alone won’t make you lose belly fat but using this tip in combination with my other strategies will get you that much closer to six pack abs.  Drinking green tea instead of coffee every morning will help you tone up, cut cravings, and lose stomach fat.  There are some studies that say green tea actually promotes weight loss and could help you in your journey to being healthier and slimmer.  As an avid green tea drinker I can say from experience that it absolutely helps keep you lean and slim.  Remember that you must eat the right foods and do the right exercises in order for this to work to your benefit.  Green tea contains absolutely ZERO calories while coffee has many “empty” calories adding to your stubborn belly fat.  Green tea helps in getting rid of belly fat because it can decrease your appetite and accelerates your metabolism.  Once you get used to the taste, you will begin to notice that you are losing belly fat when drinking it for long enough.    

An extra benefit to drinking green tea is that it promotes calmness and well-being.  It can help by alleviating some anxiety and keeping you calm and relaxed.  This is just as important when trying to lose stomach fat because stress can add to unhealthy diets and fat around the body.  green tea helps by making you feel light and not weighted down.  wouldn’t you want to drink something that is actually good for you, unlike coffee?  Well now you can, if you are serious about getting rid of stomach fat than you need to at least attempt drinking green tea for an extended period of time.  

My challenge to you is to drink green tea instead of coffee for lets say a month.  See if you notice a difference both physically and mentally.  Try drinking one cup in the morning and one cup in the afternoon.  I can’t imagine you going back to coffee unless you absolutely miss the taste that you can’t handle drinking green tea anymore. There are too many benefits besides losing belly fat that green tea presents.  If you remember please come back to this blog and leave a comment on your experiences drinking green tea instead of coffee to motivate and encourage others.  Keep working hard guys and more to come!