Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How To Lose Stomach Fat [Quick Tip #4] How To Lose Belly Fat by Drinking Only Water

Drinking ONLY water when trying to lose belly fat is one of the most important ways to get six pack abs.  Furthermore, this is one of the most important tips you will ever hear from me.  All other drinks will add to you overall body fat and make it almost impossible to lose stubborn belly fat.  The only exception to this rule is Green Tea. You wouldn't believe how many “empty calories” are in certain drinks like iced teas, alcohol, sodas, lemonades and even fruit juices.  IMPORTANT: You need to stay as far away from "diet" drinks as well.  In many cases they are even worse for you than regular drinks.  How to lose stomach fat comes down to what you drink, what foods you eat and what exercises you do. Every time you have a beverage of anything but water, think of yourself as eating a candy bar.  That is basically your consuming.

 Many people get this step wrong and wonder why they can't lose belly fat.  They go out with their friends drinking mixed drinks, pina coladas, strawberry daiquiris, beers and they wonder why they don’t have a six pack.   A step this simple gets overlooked but is VITAL to losing stomach fat and crucially important to your overall health in general.  The sooner you begin applying this, the sooner you will start toning up around your whole entire body.  It took me far too long to realize that drinking water is essential to losing belly fat and getting six pack abs. 

My challenge to you is to try this for a month and see if you notice any significant results.  In order to lose stomach fat you must take this very seriously and not cheat.  It sounds so simple but it is harder than you think to drink only water and you will need some will power.  Trust me I used to be that guy that drank sodas, iced tea, lemonade thinking that it wasn't harming me.  I was addicted to the sugar and the taste.  Once I realized that was a big part of my belly fat I decided I needed to change what I drink for good.  After some research, I couldn’t believe what I was doing to my body all of these years.  When I transitioned to this method I couldn't believe how quickly the belly fat melted away.  I was looking slimmer every single week.  Then it hit me that water was the only drink I should be consuming in order to lose belly fat.  I put together the formula to losing belly fat and getting six pack abs that worked for me and now I want to help anyone I possibly can.  All you need is the right knowledge, will power and perseverance to succeed.  The great thing about drinking only water and getting rid of belly fat is that it doesn't require that much effort, just a diet change.  And anyone can do this.  Of course it takes a little getting used to but you won't believe the results once you start applying this.  Try your best not to cheat and if you have to drink anything else, try drinking green tea as it is the second best thing.  However, focus on drinking only water to start and everything else will fall into place.  That wraps it up for today's quick tip, please subscribe to my channel for weekly tips on how to lose stomach fat.  Much more to come guys, take care!