Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Secret To Losing Belly Fat!

Howdy there!

If you read my E-book than this formula should already look familiar but this is so important that I am going to share it with you again…(If you didn't get the E-book refresh your browser and sign up) 

Losing belly fat is 80% Diet and 20% Exercise

I want this formula to become "second nature"  to you because it is the only way you will ever see results.

You can do all of the exercising you want but if your diet stinks than you will literally see no change in your body…and more importantly you will not lose any belly fat!

On the flip side a good, clean diet alone is enough for you to start losing belly fat and getting ripped.

Most people starting out trying to get rid of belly fat have this equation backwards and wonder why they never see results.

The exciting part is when you combine both eating the right foods and doing the right exercises where the results will really shock you.  More of that is on the way!

For now, you really need to focus on your diet and refer back to the E-book if you need to.  There is a really simple low-carb diet plan in there that I laid out for you.  

There will be more on exercising to come, but remember losing fat is 80% Diet and 20% Exercise! 

The more knowledge you have, the better your results will be!

To your success,

Evan Hoeflich