Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Exercising To Lose Belly Fat!

Now that you most likely have a healthy diet, you really need to start exercising to take your body to the next level...This is the only way you will lose belly fat and see six pack abs!

Try to exercise 3 times a week, resting every other day...

The great thing is that you only have to workout 10-20 minutes each workout...That is all it takes to tone up with the right diet!

Some exercises you will want to practice are:

1.) Planks
2.) Mountain Climbers
3.) Leg Lifts
4.) Jump Rope
5.) Push-Ups
6.) Bicycle Sit-ups

(You can Google/Youtube all of these if you do not know what they are)

These exercises are known to help you lose belly fat and get six pack abs...

Pick just one of these exercises to start.  You will want to do 30 second sets.....and perform the exercise 2-3 times each workout....Make sure to rest 2 minutes in between each set.

You can eventually work your way up to 60+ second sets when you are ready...

Once you get more advanced, you will want to mix up the type of exercises as much as you can throughout the week, and focus on working different areas of the body!

For example, Monday you can do 3 sets of Planks...Wednesday you can do 3 sets of Mountain Climbers...and Friday you can do 3 sets of Push-Ups!

Eventually you can mix it up further by doing 1 set of Planks, 1 set of Mountain Climbers and 1 set of Push-Ups...all on the same day!

You will eventually see the fat melt away and you will lose belly fat quicker than you ever thought was possible...assuming you have the right diet of course

Evan Hoeflich