Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2 Favorite Snacks For Losing Belly Fat!

There are many things you can eat when you are hungry for a snack throughout the day, but instead of reaching for a bag of potato chips or that king-sized snicker bar...Eat something that will actually help you lose belly fat and get six pack abs.  You see, too many people snack on all of the wrong foods throughout the day and this is a major factor as to why they have excess belly fat and body fat.  I am going to reveal to you 2 of my favorite snacks when I get hungry during the day that actually helps me get rid of belly fat and stay lean.

1.) Apple and all-natural peanut butter-

This is one of my favorite snacks for losing belly fat because besides being good for you, it is great energy food.  The protein in the peanut butter will help you build lean muscle and the fiber in the apple will keep you alert and energized.  Not to mention that it is a light snack that will make you feel better after you eat it rather than worse.

2.)  Almonds

Whenever I am tired and am feeling lazy or lethargic, one of the best snacks to consume is a handful or two of almonds.  Almonds are also great brain food and will help you stay lean and get rid of stomach fat and love handles.  No this might not be the most exciting snack in the world but your body will thanks you for it...And once you get used to eating this way, there's no turing back!

There you have it 2 snacks that I personally use throughout the week to help me stay lean and mean.  If you are still struggling to lose belly fat, try to incorporate these snacks into your diet the next time you feel hungry.