Thursday, March 6, 2014

Stop Eating Before 8 PM At Night!

It's a good idea that if you want to lose belly fat and get six pack abs, that you try to eat your last meal and/or snack before 8 PM at night.  Anything eaten after 8 PM will sit in your stomach when you sleep and add to your stubborn belly fat.  This might take some getting used to but will be well worth it in the long run.  You will wake up the next morning feeling very "light" and energized instead of "heavy" and weighted down.  This can be difficult to do because the nighttime is when most of us like to snack, but eating late at night will make you gain belly fat instead of lose it.  

Try to get into the habit of not eating anything after dinner...If you must eat something make sure it is a healthy snack like an apple and peanut butter or something along those lines.  This is a tip that will really help you get rid of belly fat and fast.  Too many people snack on chips, cookies, ice cream and junk, which is the reason why they have a flabby stomach and love handles to go along with it.  Do yourself a favor and stop eating before 8 at night...You can thank me later!

Evan Hoeflich