Monday, March 17, 2014

It's Called A Beer Belly For A Reason!

Those of you who drink alcohol are really making your weight loss and belly loss goals almost impossible.  I am going to be extremely honest with you here and say that if you drink alcohol on a weekly basis, your chances of losing belly fat are very bad.  This not only goes for beer but for vodka, whiskey, wine and any other alcoholic beverage (especially mixed drinks).  If you are reading this blog post than you are at least motivated to change your habits and I recommend you do so starting today.  One of the main reasons people cannot lose belly fat is because they drink too much alcohol throughout the week.

One thing I tell all of my subscirbers is that if you drink alcohol more than once a week to quit for a 2 month period.  The results they see just from giving up alcohol and substituting it with water are extraordinary.  Losing belly fat is easy unless you make it difficult...Yes, it will take some sacrifice but so does everything else in life.  Do yourself a favor and try to quit drinking alcohol for the next 2 months and see how you feel and look.  You will not be disappointed!  

Evan Hoeflich